About Us

I have always loved animals ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to be a veterinarian but somehow wound up as a commercial artist, then a computer programmer and finally a Director of e-Business.

How it started

My first dog, Emily (also known as M'Lee) was very fussy and had trouble chewing. There were no small treats available and no biscuits that she liked so I made a tiny one inch bone using her favorite foods. On the weekends I rented space in the local farmer's market and was selling other companies dog and cat products. I realized that I needed my own product if I was going to start a business. So I brought my treats to the market and they were a hit!

The events of 9/11 were a wakeup call...and I quit the corporate world to focus entirely on my business.

The Gang : Cirqie (adopted from Animal Haven), Lian (adopted from MACC), Isabella (adopted from MACC), Olivia adopted from Hearts United for Animals, Chloe (adopted from MACC), Ali (adopted from Midwest Dog Rescue RIP), and Roxanne adopted from Animal Haven.